Can I amend my booking?
Yes, however please refer to our cancellation policy for time restrictions.  Log into your account and click ‘cancel on the booking in question,  then click ‘request refund’ and chose ‘instant store credits’. Credits will then be automatically added to your account which you can then use to rebook your preferred sauna/date/slot. If you would prefer a refund, choose the refund option and we will be notified. If you are within the cancellation timeframe, we will process the refund for you the following working day and you will receive the refund within 5-7 working days from stripe back to the payment method you used for the booking.

Are there changing rooms/lockers/showers?
There are changing rooms, cold showers and buckets of warm water, hairdryers and lockers for your personal belongings onsite.

Are children allowed?
Children of 5 years or over are very welcome at our saunas on a child to adult ratio of 1:1 if they are under 7. Please make sure children don’t run onsite or jump into the plunge baths as there are many trip hazards, and of course be very careful with little hands near the stoves.  A full child safety brief will be given on arrival.

Can I add extras and treatments at a later date?
Yes, please contact us and we will add these to your booking for you. Otherwise you can purchase face masks, scrubs, etc on the day. Please note we need 48 hours notice for the Wellness Ice Bath.

How many salt scrubs, foot platters should I add for my group/per person?

Our platters and scrubs are per person, but can be shared between 2 if less product is required.

How many bunches of leaf whisks do I need? Traditionally 2 bunches are used to give a thermal massage – the hosts can show you the basics .  1 bunch is great too for giving the sauna a woody smell and for more basic whisking techniques.

Food and drink policy – can we bring alcohol/nibbles?  We have a bar selling Kombucha, Baltic mineral waters, Kvaas and Juice.  You may bring the equivalent of 1 alcoholic drink per person in plastic cups. You can bring nibbles if required (salty is good for post sauna munchies) but we don’t allow food inside the saunas.

What is the Sauna etiquette (re nudity/towels, etc)?  You’re welcome to sauna in the German and Finnish way, however you will need to cover outside the sauna and in the shower area as this is open to the public.  We ask that every customer sits on a towel at all times in the saunas.

Adverse weather conditions.  We will close if there are strong gusts of wind over 55mph, otherwise we are open in all weathers.  Having a sauna in the rain, sleet and snow is the most invigorating thing! We can’t give refunds for bad weather if we are open.

What is the parking like?  At the weekends it’s not good so please try to come by bike or foot and leave extra time to get here – check travel apps for traffic updates. During the week is easier on the nearby meters.