Choose between 3 saunas – 2 in converted horse trailers and a larger sauna made from upcycled packing crates. All with a view of the beach, sea and the Brighton’s iconic pier beyond.

We provide fresh drinking water, warm and cold showers, lounge seating and of course the ocean for the ultimate cool-down. Chill-out on our sun decks or in deck chairs. Upgrade your experience with your own plunge pool, hand-made body treatments, leaf whisks or even ice bath!



This is the newest and cutest of our converted horsebox saunas.

Lined in Aspen that smells of caramel and with a beautiful beehive shaped volcanic stone-filled Estonian Huum stove.  The heat here is gentle but intense and the Leil (‘sauna steam’ in Estonian) is soft and wonderfully humid.  The cosy felt ceiling makes you feel snug as a bug.

90 minutes | £125 peak | £80 off peak.  Capacity 4-6 people depending on how much you want to stretch out!

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Löyly is our Finnish style horsebox sauna.  Spruce lined with high benches and a snug felt ceiling, her stove is filled to the brim with 100kg of perfectly rounded Finnish volcanic rocks.   But don’t touch them – this sauna is hot (although we can adjust the fire upon request) and gives a deliciously intense Löyly (‘sauna steam’ in Finnish).

90 minutes | £90 off-peak | £140 peak. Capacity 7 but with Covid restrictions currently in place it’s 2 households or a group of 6 people

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Big Banya is our cross-cultural sauna.  Style-wise it combines a hand-built Lithuanian-designed Pirts stove with a Finnish style raised floor.  Here the heat is gentle and the air steamy, just perfect for our German Aufguss Steam and Scents Events on Thursday evenings.  If you’ve never been – it’s a must! 

With a capacity of 16-18, there’s plenty of space for group meet-ups or spacious relaxing. 

IMPORTANT COVID RESTRICTIONS From May 17 to June 21 COVID restrictions are in place, so the Banya capacity is either 2 households max. (no limit on heads) or 1 group of 6 people can be from different households.  Bookings after June 21st have NO COVID restrictions but please note that for groups larger than 10 people there will be a £25 charge per additional person on arrival.  Max. group size 18 

90 minutes | £100 off peak | £160 peak | groups of 11 or more incur £25 per additional person fee on arrival.  Max group size 18

With a capacity of 16, there’s plenty of space for group meet-ups or spacious relaxing.  But for now, until Covid restrictions lift, its capacity is either 2 households (no limit on heads) or 1 group of 6 people.

90 minutes | £100 off peak | £160 peak

From £100

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We like to make sure you have everything you need on the day so that you have the best expierence when you visit Beach Box Sauna Spa. Read our section on what you need to prepare.

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