We are back to pre-COVID per person ticketing sessions in this sauna only.  You will be sharing the sauna with others.

Big Banya is our Russian-style Banya with a capacity of 12  – plenty of room for groups or spacious relaxing.  Fired by a gigantic woodburning stove with a cracking heat output and a wonderful woody smell.

With no Covid rules we can now share the space so we are selling single tickets for this sauna.  Only 7 tickets will be sold per 2 hour slot at first while we test the public confidence, so you’ll have plenty of room to space out.  If you’d like to hire it privately just book all 7 tickets and bring up to a 12 people.  Great for a party or catch up with friends and family.

For a cold plunge between heat-ups we have a plunge pool for all to share.  Private baths are bookable on arrival subject to availability for £10.  Ice baths must be booked 48hrs in advance.


Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site

£20 off-peak | Mon & Wed all day/night (closed Tues), Thurs & Fri until 4pm

£30 peak | Thurs & Fri after 6pm, all weekend & Bank Holidays

Private Hire:  To hire it privately,  book all 7 tickets.  You can bring up to a 12 people for no extra charge.  If 7 tickets aren’t available in your desired slot, it means that other people are already booked in that slot.  Look for a slot with 7 tickets.

Aufguss (Infusion) Thursdays in the Banya:  Experience this exciting and unique German steam ritual where the best quality essential oils are drizzled on ice balls and sizzled on the rocks.  The resultant steam is stylishly wafted by an Aufguss Master or Mistress around the guests giving you an unforgettable sensation of heat and deep relaxation.    Head to our Aufguss page https://sarahcallendertest.co.uk/shop/aufguss-thursdays-in-big-banya/ to book in.