Dates: 19th May | 16th June | 21st July | 18th August | 15th Sept | 20th Oct
Allow the fire to burn away the fear
As you submerge in the ice feel your inner peace appear
now listen to your warrior heart… whispering
I am here
I am here
I am here
Come find yourself again Warrior
Allowing the masculine and feminine energies to regain balance
Allowing the ice and fire to regain inner strength and peace
Allowing inner child to surface and play
Feel the internal demons being safely released and falling away

This extended three hour event is aimed at releasing stresses, emotions and stagnating energies that no longer serve you in moving forward with your life.

Lisa will be working you through guided breath work , movement and heat practices to unleash any demons within that have been suppressed or itching to get out.

All is done in a safe environment where your guided into your body and out your head to ultimately surrender in the ice bath … and connect to your power and self .

A safe place to reset the nervous system thus ensuring balance within and more importantly bringing the warrior heart back in touch with his owner.

All the elements along with Lisa shall be working with you in order to achieve balance , strength and focus back to where it belongs .

We will close with hot Cacao to ground you at the fire , sitting with your fellow warriors , music , honest talk (if needed) and to Be … just Be .

You will not be the same man leaving as when you arrived .
A’ho Brothers / it’s time 🔥

Check out @lisashabbas
Price £111 per warrior